They’re made from what!?!

When I turned on my television tonight, I wasn’t expecting to discover a tasty treat that wasn’t fed to me by a cookery show. However, there it was – The work of artist Carl Warner. Utilising the medium of still life photography, Warner creates his awe inspiring landscapes. His preferred subject of choice? Food.


Warner started creating his amazing pieces when he observed that the form of portabella mushrooms resembled that of trees – he immediately took some back to his studio and photographed them within a landscape shoot. “It’s all about the lighting” Warner states.

His choice of food is precise and he tends to seek foodstuffs that similarly look like their larger counterparts in nature. My favourite is shown below:


The glistening water surface is created from salmon fillets. I’m fascinated with how the natural surface of the salmon has been exposed and manipulated to resemble that of the ocean. Warner says he discovered fish as a surface when he was in a restaurant, and noticed the way the light bounced off a customer’s order of salmon.


I find Carl Warner’s work incredibly inspiring, and admire his use of unconventional materials that create full framed worlds bursting with vibrant colour, tone and texture. What I find most inspiring about the work of Warner is his utilisation of light, scale, and perspective to create scenes that demonstrate realistic dimension and mood.



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