Disney Designer Villains


I’ve always adored the villain. The good guy just never seemed to do it for me. Maybe it was because the villains were far more interesting. Or more likely, it was because they always looked so damn fabulous. From Maleficent’s headpiece to Ursula’s big girl chic, there’s no denying the Disney Villainesses are unrivalled in terms of fashion.

Encapsulating the stylish essence of the villainesses, Disney have released a collection dedicated entirely to their queens of evil. The collection features home ware, beauty products and fashion accessories…

…but most exciting of all, couture dolls. Disney have crafted 13,000 of each six dolls. The collection includes The Evil Queen, Cruella, The Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Mother Gothel and Ursula. The dolls see our favourite Villainesses dressed in extravagant gowns and accessories.

I absolutely adore these dolls and as they’re limited edition, need to get my hands on them before they’re gone! The dolls retail at $79.50 and are available from the Disney Store.

I would love to see more dolls released in collaboration with contemporary fashion designers. I can see Maleficent rocking a Gareth Pugh geometric number!

What designers can you see these fierce ladies dressed in?


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