Doll Face

Truth be told I have a major magazine problem. I’m sure any fashion lovers out there will relate. I have a stack I don’t dare count, festering in my cupboards just crying to see the light of day again. Today I let them do so, and had a rummage for inspiration. The first magazine I looked at was Hunger – owned and edited by photographer Rankin, it’s the most beautifully put together print publication I have ever seen. The pages are bursting with art, fashion, illustration, interviews and awe inspiring editorials.  Today I rediscovered a favourite of mine from the Summer 2012 issue.

Named ‘Doll Face’, the makeup based editorial sees the models being transformed into doll heads thanks to makeup artist Caroline Saulnier (who I need to write a post about – amazing)

I absolutely love these images, and find the juxtaposition between the subject of a decapitated doll, and pretty pastel shades to be amusing. They’re creepy right?


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